June 16, 2010



  • System evaluation:1.Project basic situation
  • Solution:1.The investment budget;2.Feasibility,rationality;
  • Product selection:1.Factory inspection;2.Technical discussion;3.Supply professional drawing and lists;
  • Win-win cooperation:1.Sign the contract;2.Establish mutual benefit,strategic cooperative partnership.


  • Design evaluation:1.Detailed technical assessment,arrangement;2.Design of process and equipment layout;
  • Procurement:Strictly inspection,optimized selection;
  • Installation:1.Quality and quantity guaranteed;2.Completion of hand over;
  • Acceptance:1.Acceptance test;2.Accepted deliverables;
  • Technical training:1.On-site installation and products training;2.Operation skills training; 3.Maintenance training;4.Centralized technical training


  • Technical serbvice:Long time technical servieve;
  • Accessories supplying:Supplying spare parts with cost price;
  • Cmoplaint handing:12-24 hours response mechanism;
  • Client Review:1.Call-back;2.Regular return visit.